Staying hitched to the trailer

For the past couple nights we’ve been staying hitched to our fifth wheel trailer when spending just one night in RV resorts. We’ve researched this online and only found this one forum discussion about staying hitched that addressed the issue specifically. It confirmed my assumption that it will do no harm to the truck.

I do, however, raise the trailer a bit more than the Open Roads Forum member who mentioned he only extends his trailer legs an inch or so after hitting the ground. Personally, I recommend lifting the trailer until I notice the truck bed actually lift. Then I retract the trailer legs until it appears there is no weight on truck bed. All it takes is a couple small adjustments up and down to relieve all weight from the truck’s shock absorbers.

Please note that we do not have air shocks on our Dodge Ram 2500. I do not know how staying hitched will affect air suspension bags. All comments are welcome.

As far as king pin tripods go, we looked into that too after noticing many fifth wheel rigs with them in RV resorts. We’ve read online that larger 5ers benefit more from using tripods – but the smaller 5er the less rocking. We’ve determined using a fifth wheel kingpin tripod is not necessary for our 24′ Arctic Fox. Just something else to carry… I would only consider it if I ever take up permanent residence like I’ve seen in some of the parks where we’ve stayed. But then we would need to go back to Humboldt County and get a carved redwood bear holding a welcome sign.

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