Can Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels Work for RVers Like Me?

When I first discovered reusable bamboo paper towels I was impressed, but not convinced they would work with our full-time RVing lifestyle. 

bamboo reusable paper towels for RVers
Call me skeptical, but I’ll give them a try.

It’s all this guy’s fault. Topher introduced us to the idea of reusable paper towels.


Not only is he an awesome dude but he’s the the most eco-groovy RVer we know. He always pays meticulous attention to the impact of his carbon footprint. Only buying reusable paper towels is one way he does it.

I thought the towels were a nice idea and totally practical for a bachelor like him, who hardly ever cooks. For full-timers like Jim and I, who also have a sloppy German Shepherd in the rig, the idea of saving paper towels and running them in the wash feels like a huge hassle.

Plus, since we boondock often, using our precious water to rinse paper towels before laundering seemed like a waste of resources.

bamboo reusable paper towels for RVers
Don’t laugh at our paper towel holder, it works!

But the other day I came across these really inexpensive bamboo reusable paper towels at a Kroger store. To their credit, Kroger’s new “Open Nature” line of eco-friendly products is terrific. I already use their knockoff of Dr. Bronner’s castille soap, so why not the reusable bamboo towels?

We don’t go through more than one paper towel roll a month, but I really like the idea of guilt-free clean-ups. Starting now, I’m giving these towels the benefit of the doubt. Since we have full-hookups and plenty of water for a few months, it’s the perfect opportunity to see if they’re up to the challenge.

If you swear by reusable paper towels, I would love to hear your feedback about using them when RVing.

I will report back on how they work for our lifestyle. For now, if you want to experiment alongside me, here are some on Amazon worth investigating. 

Bamboo Towels – Heavy Duty Eco Friendly Machine Washable Reusable Bamboo Towels – One roll replaces 6 months of towels!

reusable bamboo paper towels for RVers
Some are really expensive, these aren’t so bad.

DESIGN – Our heavy-duty bamboo towels are stronger, more absorbent and durable than regular paper towels. Made from a sustainable organic bamboo source, each roll comes with 20 perforated 11″x12″ lint free bamboo sheets. One roll replaces 60 conventional paper towel rolls and fits in your regular paper towel dispenser.

3 thoughts on “Can Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels Work for RVers Like Me?”

  1. My family was using paper towels as napkins (or paper napkins). I bought a set of 100% cotton napkins from Goodwill for $5 to put an end to that. We also have a few hand towels that we use to wipe down water off the countertops. Between the two, it’s saved us a ton of money on paper products.

    • Maya, you’re my hero! I did learn the hard way the other day, that it’s gonna be necessary to buy an occasional roll of paper towels, to pick up super grody dog accidents in the house. Ugh.


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