Finding Solitude in #AfSlabistan

Things can change in a second, no matter what kind of lifestyle you have. Our workamping job in Southern California suddenly ended two weeks ago when the owner lost the park in the foreclosure process he was trying to save it from. Oh. Darn.

Installing vinyl cove base molding workamping at Hemet RV Resort
RV park workamper Rene

Unlike many of the other workampers who were visibly upset about the changes, we were happy to move on — even if it meant eating up our savings to have Solar Mike install solar power on our new rig. It was abrupt, but the timing was perfect: urban living was making us crazy. We decided to Be More Sam and drove off into the sunset to the Slabs.

City life is not for us.

Now, the last stage of our renovations on the new rig are complete. What a relief! Finally, we are truly self-contained, self-sufficient, totally off-grid and loving the boondocking lifestyle again.

Off-grid home office on wheels.

There’s only one problem: staying self-motivated enough to quickly recoup the system costs. After all, the Slabs are one big 24/7 distraction. Stay tuned for a report on what’s new here, including the resurrected Lizard Tree Library!

Working in #AfSlabistan




2 thoughts on “Finding Solitude in #AfSlabistan”

  1. i love the idea of going to The Slabs and getting a solar setup while there! We just started RV camping but already boondock when we can. We have minimal amp hours of storage but supplement it with a solar panel and small generator. Hoping to do more soon!

    • Hi Cathleen, I hope you can do it, there’s nothing like being off-grid and totally self-sustainable. Yesterday I ran our vacuum cleaner and worked online till 10pm last night and not once did we need to run our generator. It is so cool, we couldn’t do that in our other rig with our smaller solar power system. We’re very happy with the way Solar Mike and his crew set us up. Feel free to contact us with any questions. See you on the road!


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