Flying J’s Fast Fuel and Fantastic Savings for RVers

And we’re off!

We hit the road last weekend, and are now boondocking at the Slabs, in nearly the same spot we were in last year.

The frantic pace of L.A. is behind us and the roaring din of freeways is gone. In fact, the loudest noises we hear at any given time are packs of dogs barking, music playing, and occasionally the “thwap! thwap! thwap! thwap!” of mid-afternoon V-22 Osprey training drills on the adjacent Navy bombing range.

As we drove to the desert, I couldn’t help but be horrified at the cost of diesel, as high as $3.89 a gallon. Just as I started to panic when thinking about the triple-digit fuel-ups we’re in for, I got an email from Flying J, to let me know about their new Frequent Fueler Advantage Program.

As Flying J / Pilot Travel Center’s newest loyalty program, the Frequent Fueler Advantage Program gives members:

  • Instant fuel discounts at the pump on diesel, gas, and propane
    • $0.03 off diesel (currently available at RV and auto diesel lanes only (coming soon to truck diesel lanes)
    • $0.02 off gas
    • $0.10 off propane
  • $5 off dumping fees
  • Members-only offers for anyone who takes time to register their card:
    • Unlimited fuel discounts (no max gallons)
    • Pump Start*
    • Other benefits like the Coffee Club, buy 5 hot beverages and the 6th is on us!

What got me interested in signing up with the program is the “Pump Start” benefit. This perk enables RVers to start the fuel pump instantly, just by swiping the registered loyalty card.

For passengers like me, this means that I don’t have to interrupt my knitting, just to go inside and pay whenever we stop for fuel.

If you already have a Flying J or Pilot loyalty card, like the Driver Payback Card or Frequent Fueler Card, you don’t need a new card, you can keep using them. But just be sure to go online to register your existing card so you can get all of the benefits of the new Frequent Fueler Advantage Program(you can also have the station clerk do it).


9 thoughts on “Flying J’s Fast Fuel and Fantastic Savings for RVers”

    • Jenn, I wish we could go over there but I don’t think Wyatt could handle so many dawgs off leash! He would go crazy, and not in a good way. Have fun though, we’ll catch up soon.

  1. We received an email from a marketing representative for Pilot Flying J and asked us to write an article regarding this new program. We advised her that we were not avid customers, as a matter of fact we were not happy with them at all.

    We did agree to write an article which will be published on our blog tomorrow, any one interested please feel free to check it out and please give us your comments.

  2. Hi there. Thanks for the tip on saving fuel costs! We haven’t been in touch for a while, but thought of you recently as we crossed the border into Baja, Mexico where fuel prices are still in the $2.50/gallon range, same price at every gas station, and camping fees range from free to $25/night at the most expensive place with full hook-ups, wi-fi, and laundry. We stuck with our decision to avoid mainland Mexico this winter, but have been back in Baja for two weeks now, our third winter here. As always, we feel entirely safe, and are finding there are more RVers here this winter than the past two — maybe some folks moved over here from the mainland? We crossed the border at Tecate and are about halfway down the peninsula now, planning to camp at Bahia Concepcion for a couple weeks starting tonight. Glad to hear all remains well with you two and you’re back on the road livin’ the life!
    Cathryn and Bob

    • Cathryn, it’s great to hear from you. I’ve been following your blog with a twinge of envy and wonder, I wish we were as gutsy! It looks beautiful there but I can do without the oncoming trucks coming so close that they rip your mirrors off!

      Stay safe out there and keep up with the great photos and commentary.

    • oh yeah, you’ll definitely only find them near the interstates. But when you need one most after a long day on the boring interstate, it’s great to know they’re there.

  3. That price of fuel is sure hurting upcoming travel budgets! We hope to be in The Slabs by early March or so for a bit. Have friends on Rayhound Road and Chef Roger Way.

    We just updated our old Flying J card too. The website was having some trouble, so I called their 800 number and the gal was really nice. Having the pump start feature will be a big plus, and also half price on dump fees.

    • Hey Karen, sorry we’ll miss you! You should be here in time for the Prom though!

      We are actually camped out along Rayhound Road right now. It’s our favorite area even though the mosquitoes come out at night because of the canal.

      Yeah, $5 off dump fees is great!!!

      Thanks for reading.


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