Grateful Times with Real People in Humboldt County

How is one supposed to cram 10 years worth of friendships into a week?

We’ve been traveling down the Pacific Coast for three weeks now, but no matter how long we visit with good friends from our previous life, it’s never enough time to feel like we’ve completely caught up.

Drizzly rain has followed us down the coast from Washington to Northern California. We’re cold and we want to go somewhere warm, darnit.

But during our week-long visit to Humboldt County California, we both sensed a feeling that almost made us want to stay longer, maybe even permanently return, to our old stomping grounds where the land is beautiful and the people are real.

People are so real in Humboldt, that during dinner conversations or over beers, whenever we got together with our friends, not a single one ever pulled out an iPhone or other electronic gadget.

You tell me, when was the last time you sat at a table with people who actually talked, and listened?  Who made eye contact with you instead of staring into a screen?

Humboldt County is a special place like no other. We spent 10 years in this small community and although it wasn’t all good times, it was the last time we ever felt a real sense of community.

Despite the sucky weather, the poor economy and the great distance to any real city, just being there again makes us ask:

What else could you possibly need, when you’re surrounded by such good people and great beauty?

10 thoughts on “Grateful Times with Real People in Humboldt County”

  1. Ah, Humboldt! I lived there 11 years, from late ’78 through ’89. CR and HSU alumna. Many fond memories, along with some not so much. The economy was probably worse then than it was for you, prior to location-independent work. But I had some very good times and prefer to dwell on those. It’s definitely a unique place.

    • Hey Patricia, thanks for sharing. Yep, the Humboldt experience stays with you…kinda like the mildew that grows on the side of houses there! Heh heh! Just kidding. We also had a blast. Between the people and the scenery, there really is no other place like it.

  2. The Pacific NW rates high on my list of favorite places. It sure is a pretty part of the country, but as you told me, it’s always raining.

    Strange. I can’t remember the last time I sat around a table or had beers with anyone staring at a screen…. since I left the sticks and bricks that is

    • Hah, then you haven’t spent much time with NuRVers! Seriously though, everywhere we’ve been it seems that people try to multitask with their gadgets even while hanging out with friends. I know it’s nothing personal, it’s a way of life for most people these days. But in Humboldt, the laid back way of life carries over into everything. I have to say, it’s a great way to live.

      • Nope. You two are the only NuRVers that we have had the privilege of breaking bread with.

        I get some strange looks and comments when I pull out my faithful old flip phone (that happens about 24 times a year). People are like… where’s your iphone? I thought you were hitek! Our phone is mostly for emergencies and job hunting. Though… it would make it a lot easier to program smart phone apps for if we actually had one 😉

        • We’ll back you up on the flip phone, that’s our only phone too.

          We’ve considered getting a smart phone, but a smart phone = more bills to pay which means going against our core beliefs of working less to enjoy life more, instead of working more to pay for crap we don’t really need.

  3. So sorry to miss you while you were here! We were snowed in over in Reno! Then Thanksgiving with the Pearson’s, they say hello to you both! Happy Holidays, and be careful on your travels, we’ll try to make it to the desert this winter to look you up.


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