A Windy Wait for Culinary Delights in Borrego Springs CA

The cold desert winds here at Anza Borrego Park in Southern California are making us stir crazy and insane, but we’re sticking around until our mail arrives by general delivery at the post office.

We also want to visit the Borrego Springs Friday Farmer’s Market one more time.

The local farmers have the most luscious selection of produce, including this weird, local Cherimoya fruit that I’ve never seen before (which is odd because I’m a SoCal native!). I think I’ll crack open my wallet and try it. It must be good if it’s that spendy, right? 

I also want to stock up on the local Fuerte avocados. They only appear in wintertime, and you can’t get them anywhere else because they don’t ship well. You’ve never had a great avocado until you’ve had a Fuerte.

If there’s one thing I miss about SoCal besides my family, it’s the buttery, yummy flavor of the Fuerte. My parents have a tree in their L.A. yard that blossoms during wintertime. Growing up, I had enough guacamole to bathe in.

Jim, meanwhile, is having fantasies about the locally grown tri-tip he saw last week. Maybe he can share it with Wyatt. Anyone else care to indulge in carnivore ecstasy, feel free to stop by.

We’ve been in Southern California longer than we anticipated, but even I, a recovering Angeleno, will admit that the  south end of the state has great winter weather and the best produce in America.

Borrego Springs is a funky, neat little town. I told Jim that maybe we should consider buying a cheap piece of land here to winter in. But then he reminded me; this is California. Nothing’s cheap. And with Moonbeam running for governor, the State’s really in trouble now! We’d better get out soon before we get taxed for breathing.

12 thoughts on “A Windy Wait for Culinary Delights in Borrego Springs CA”

  1. For those wondering where the tag, ‘Moonbeam’ came from…When Jerry was Governor, he proposed putting a state satellite in stationary orbit over California for state wide communications. As a former state peace officer myself, this would have been a forward thinking and vastly efficient endeavor. Instead my department along with every other state agency was saddled with numerous locations where there no radio communications (dead spots) were possible, resulting in many ground based repeater sites having to be installed throughout the state. Even then, when I left in 2003, there were a number of areas through out the state that still have dead spots. Think of it as CHP or Park Rangers in some LE or medical aid situation in the boondocks with no comms.. It was alleviated somewhat when some agencies went to 800 mghz..others still suffer with low band and no line of sight options.. Good thing satellite technology has expanded to how we use it today or you might be using your roof dish as a portable fire pit..
    I actually like Jerry as a possible gov and you might like to see his announcement statement here: http://www.jerrybrown.org/
    I hope I have the drive he has at 72.. Whitman, ahhh…no thanks..

    (PS I think Jerry G. Dawg would have made an awesome Governor too, for people and animals! ~Cindi)

    • I’ll be bummed to leave SoCal’s produce, but at least we’ll have TexMex food to look forward to in Tejas! Who needs greens when queso and chips is the stuff life is made of!

  2. Scratch the last comment about Cherimoya, I followed your link. It’s a custard apple. The ones we get here are filled with loads of seeds about the same size as a watermelon seed.

  3. Hey hey, fuerte aguacates, que bueno! Bet the wind is cold there guy’s but at least it isn’t rain. We’ve had so much rain here that the local Andaluce’s are trading their cars in for boats and taking crash courses on damp proofing a house, something which is entirely new to them.

    Jerry Brown….Uh well, I’m not going to talk politics and I don’t know him very well at all BUT the things I remember my Dad said about Mr. Brown back in the 80’s was pretty colourful and none too complimentary.

    Cherimoya’s are a new one for me. They look a bit like prickly pear fruit with wrinkles and would hazard a guess there is a relation there somewhere. Do they grow on cactus?

    • Yeah, I guess we should be grateful it’s just wind and not rain. If the water came down as hard as the wind blows, we wouldn’t be getting out of here at all.

      I’ll let you know how the cherimoya tastes!

  4. I will take moonbeam any day over Meg Whitman. It seems to me you worked at her former business.

    I agree about the weather in SoCal. I grew up in Venice/Santa Monica area. My parents had Apricot, Lemon, and Orange trees in their back yard.

    We now live in the Sierras it is beautiful but cold in winter we had more snow this morning the low was 19 and the high was 30 degrees. I would love to be enjoying some of that SoCal warmth now.

    • Henry, you’re absolutely (almost) right. Whitman was founder of eBay, not Amazon. But about Moonbeam… I do appreciate the fact that he’s a Buddhist, and his philosophies are overall in line with how I think. But I’ve also talked to good friends in Oakland who are politically involved Dems, and they gave me the scoop on his incompetency as mayor and general lack of doing anything good for that city. He’s all talk, which was disappointing.

      As for your weather….brrrrr!

      My sister has a fig tree growing in her yard and gets fresh figs every year. I miss them soooooo much. Fresh figs are practically non-existent outside of CA.

  5. I love Farmer’s Markets! I have never tasted a Fuerte avacado. I wonder if I could get one around here? I recommend staying where you are for at least a few more days. We’re getting snow again tonight!

    • Kim, not sure if you can get fuertes there. Maybe.

      I can’t believe you’re still getting snow, wow! Hope you’re staying warm and dry in your new place, I’ll bet you’re loving it!


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