Enjoying the Bare Necessities

Slab City Culvert Community ShowerThere’s something about dry camping in the desert for a few weeks that really makes one appreciate the lesser things in life … like soaking in a big muddy spring with naked strangers, sharing some hooch under the stars, or showering in a culvert.

It also makes one realize how we take for granted what most consider the the basic necessities of life … plumbing – and hot water, at that – electricity, refrigeration, shelter and transportation.

One look around the slabs and it’s obvious that many come to Slab City because they want to, while others end up here because they must.

Perhaps there is no where else to go for the scruffy genius. Are the weary travelers here in a tent with their three legged dog for fun? Does the young graduate couple camp here with theirs because it’s free?

Slab City Natural Hot Springs near Salton SeaThat’s one good reason we spent nearly three weeks at Slab City. Same goes for a good number of Canadians, Fokkers, full-time RVers, weekenders, and resident transients who call Niland, CA home for at least a while. There’s no amenities, no facilities, and there’s not much of anything in town, unless you’re looking for a vast selection of fortified wines.

But what does one really need to maintain his or her standard of living? That all depends on where your comfort level lies in relationship to your surroundings.

Slab City Culvert Community ShowerTo some, Slab City has it all: hot springs, live music, good people and a community shower. To others it’s a great place to visit – decent weather and social clubs, with fuel, a laundromat and store nearby.

To those who might disagree, I suggest you at least give it a try. After all its perfectly safe, with 24-hour security from the border patrol, a U.S. Navy bombing range to the east and Calipatria State Prison to the west. And you can’t beat the price!

I give credit to anyone makes a go of it on the slabs. First impressions can be deceiving. If you give it time, Slab City might just grow on you. Just not literally, one hopes.

9 thoughts on “Enjoying the Bare Necessities”

  1. “First impressions can be deceiving. If you give it time, Slab City might just grow on you. Just not literally, one hopes.”

    This is exactly what scared us away guys! The idea that we just might like that life too much to completely drop out of society. That temptation was far too strong for us, and in our current situation we felt it would be almost too easy. Goodluck!

    John and Derek

  2. We are the owners of the fury, four legged long ears and glad you were able to get to the ranch before moving east. Sorry the elec wasn’t on and equally glad you had solar. Looking forward to your show tomorrow night. We had a dog, Abby, part shepard and lab, who was hit by a pick-up on our property and lost bones in her back leg; with time developed the ability to use the leg and get around as if she had bones. She has since moved on and is greatly missed. She and I marked 10,000 miles on the road in a Toyota Corolla, loved every minute of it, then met Wranger Ray and traveled some more…great memories. Thanks for your story and hope to meet you one day…Jeanie

  3. And from the Slabs you guys go and hang out with a couple of donkeys??..wtf?..lol…Nice to see you’s hanging out at the ranch with Al and Kelly…Will you guys be making it to Ontario again this year? You know..up in the North?


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