Road Trip Photo Galleries Updated!

If anyone follows our adventures close enough to actually check for new photos on our gallery page, I truly wonder why. But they might have noticed some big changes there a little while back. I gave the galleries an overhaul, but didn’t announce it because we went for a while there without a camera. And what fun would new galleries be without new photos?

This slideshow is just one example of the features available with the NextGen Gallery WordPress plugin. As we add photos to this gallery (Art Scenes) – or any other for that matter – they will be automatically updated with our most recent photos first.

So check out our gallery page once in a while. At the top of the page you’ll always find our most recent few photos, as well as a selection of completely random pics. Then you’ll find a variety of different galleries to peruse, like this favorite of mine full of fun and funky signs …

Just click on the thumbnails to browse the photos at full size. Or click the page numbers under the gallery to jump ahead. (The page will load if you do that, which i don’t like, but I’m no programmer, so deal with it. Or just look at all the photos from the beginning!)

This upgrade took a while to master, mostly in part due to our hosting provider The process for downloading all of our old photos from our previous galleries was incredibly time consuming. Then I discovered that 1&1 default server settings didn’t let the plugin play nice. But rather than bore you again, I’ll point you to this very helpful comment thread about problems with the NextGen Gallery plugin on 1and1 host server. If you’re interested, that is.

If not, just go look at our nifty new photo galleries and relax knowing that I got it to work by using this easy trick to run PHP 5 on hosted website.

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