Channeling Chickens, Coping with Cancer, and Workamping in New Mexico

snowstop02.jpgEverything happens for a reason. If we hadn’t have gone back to Los Angeles, we never would have learned that our beloved Jerry’s cancer has made another ugly appearance. You can’t tell by looking at him; he’s as playful and spry as ever. We only took him to the vet for a new heartworm medication, but left knowing we had to get him into oncology treatment, fast. So, we hightailed it back here to New Mexico, to visit a wonderful clinic in Santa Fe, the Veterinary Cancer Care clinic.

We always wanted to see Santa Fe, just not under these circumstances. The closest, most cost-effective RV lodging we found was at Cochiti Lake campground, about 30 minutes south. It’s an Army Corps of Engineers lake, and a bargain at $12 a night.

Our trip into the city was quick; just enough to see the vet, walk around the plaza, and get a good feeling about the place. This joke that a local told us, says it all:

Question: Why did the Santa Fe’an cross the road?
Answer: Because she was channeling a chicken.

20080227w_cacti03.jpgSanta Fe is the epicenter of new agey, artsy, Pius driving, carbon-credit trading ex-Deadheads with oodles of cash. Regardless, there are really down to earth, wonderful people there. Stunning beauty and architecture is everywhere, the spas and restaurants look incredible, and if we had more money, we would’ve stayed longer. But just like Austin Texas, great cities can burn a hole in your budget.

Life still gets in the way, even we are having a great time. Jerry has begun an at-home chemotherapy treatment this week, and is doing great. We take it one day at a time, and wake up thankful for each day he is with us. As always, Jerry teaches us to never forget the real reason for living: play! play! play! This is why we are on the road with him.

Next Up: The Truth and Consequences of Running a Resort

On Sunday we arrived at our next workamping gig, at Riverbend Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences, where we’ll be staying until mid-May. We took this job because it will allow us to get to know the ins and outs of running a small resort, which is something we think we want to do when we grow up.

Although the days are going to be long (we are entering their peak season), the perks are definitely sweet; free hookups and all the hot springs soaks we can stand!

7 thoughts on “Channeling Chickens, Coping with Cancer, and Workamping in New Mexico”

  1. So sorry to hear about Jerry. We know he is a tough, little guy and are sure he will make it through this like a champ. Some dips in the hot springs will probably do him some good too! SYDTR Liz and Chris

  2. We are staying at an RV park in Elephant Butte and have been this past week. My husband has been putting in many hours working (we get free wifi here) but we have taken the time to bird watch and see the surrounding country.

    We have reservations at Riverbend this afternoon at 4 pm… may get to meet you.

  3. Jim and Rene, we’re so sorry to hear about Jerry, we are sending immediate positive thoughts his way and hope for a full and speedy recovery. We may be continuing our travels into New Mexico, are you near Roswell now? Also, thanks for posting the comment in regards to us possibly changing rigs this soon in our adventure. Many of our fellow full timers are encouraging us to “hang in there” with our current RV but we just feel like it’s not for us. It was nice to know someone understands. Talk to you soon, kelly and josh.


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