From the Blogosphere to Real Life: Meeting Up with Coffeesister and Rhodester

20080316w_rhodesters04.jpgWho says you can’t build real friendships online? Since hitting the road, Jim and I have been lucky enough to build friendships with some of our favorite Internet superstars, some of whom we’ve actually met in person. Finnegan was the first. Then came Heidi, Matt, Sara and Bella, Sami, The Big Dog, and now Rhodester and Coffeesister.

This week while leaving Los Angeles, we stopped in Palm Springs to meet this couple, who we’ve been following online for many months through their blogs. Rhodester’s blog is funny and witty, with commentary on everything from stupid humans to stupid jobs. Coffeesister’s writing takes on a deeper tone, and is spiritually uplifting and thought provoking. These two have always seemed so intriguing, and knowing that their town was on our way back to New Mexico, we just had to see what they were really all about.

We met them for breakfast, and they were so much fun to chat with! There they were, two perfect strangers we’d never met in person, yet we knew so many details about eachother’s lives through our blogs, that meeting up with them was like hooking up with old friends. We had so much to talk about! Three hours later, we finally realized that our waitress had given up on us, and our voices were getting hoarse, so it was time to split.

20080316w_rhodesters05.jpgOne of the few downsides to being on the road, is not being 100% certain we’ll ever see some terrific people again. We’d like to think we will, but really, when might we ever be in a place like Hoven, South Dakota again? With these two though, we are going to make a real effort. They are so real, so down to earth and interesting, that we just have to meet up once more, somewhere down the road.

6 thoughts on “From the Blogosphere to Real Life: Meeting Up with Coffeesister and Rhodester”

  1. Who knew a week could go by between reading a post then commenting on it!? My only excuse is still not having my own portal.. On that subject, it was SO refreshing to have a couple understand how ludicrous it is to have to share a computer. ~_^

    Our meeting proved the theorem that time flies when you’re having fun! With no doubt that connecting in person will strengthen our online connection, I can none-the-less hardly wait to meet up again. ^_^

    |_|) “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” ~ Dr. Seuss

    PS: Dr. Seuss was clearly right (When was he not?!) as you’ve described me & my blog exactly as it is my goal to be; THANX!!

  2. Wow, uh **ahem**.. I’m all verklempt.. there’s not a better compliment you can pay me other than to say “real, down to earth and interesting”.. because I absolutely despise pretentious phonies with a personal agenda, and if they’re dull on top of that, it just makes me want to shoot myself in the eye with a rubber band so that the pain will distract me from their incessant droning on and on and on and ON about themselves.

    YOU TWO, on the other hand, are anything but.. you’re so down to earth you have palm trees growing out of your head.

    Don’t worry, as soon as we win the lottery, we’re buying a HUGE motorhome (that runs on biofuel, of course!) and we’ll be right behind you.. so keep the campfire stoked.

  3. You forgot to mention how they saved our lives.

    Had we not stopped in Palm Springs, or had we not enjoyed talking with these two for so long, we might have been caught up in the massive pileup on I 40 that killed two and left hundreds hurt and stranded.

    Funny – peculiar, not ha ha – how we passed through the same spot the next day full of joy to see Jerry playing in the snow. Many thanks to the RhodesTer and Coffeesister for being as entertaining as expected. Hopefully our paths will cross again.


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