A Weekend from Hell in Paradise Island RV Resort

So this is paradise, eh? Well, if your idea of paradise is parked in a crammed, dumpy RV “resort” for a whopping $40 a night, where you are so close to the next RV that you can’t roll out your awning, where you have snotty French Canadian neighbors that refuse to say hello or make eye contact, then Paradise RV Resort in Fort Lauderdale is for you!

This RV park was the worst place we’d ever rolled into. We’ve had a better time Walmarting it. Paradise RV Resort was a weekend in hell as far as we were concerned. Stay away! After we saw our friend Gene, we were so glad to leave Floriduh.

7 thoughts on “A Weekend from Hell in Paradise Island RV Resort”

  1. Thankfully, I read reviews before booking reservations. Thank you for the pics. This place looks NOTHING like the brochure pictures. What a sh*thole. Thanks for saving us a lot of aggrevation.

  2. If you are 36 ft. and above avoid like the plague. If your less than 36ft and don’t mind reaching out your window to knock on your neighbors door than you might like this park.

    Also the park doesn’t enforce it’s rules. it says no motorbikes allowed but the French Canadians were in the park with very loud engines.

    The fun starts when you enter the park, very narrow entrance and a hole on the edge of the drive. Front desk personnel think they know it all. Also the Wifi is a charge and is slower than dial up.

    I had two reservations and upon arrival and seeing the condition of the park I wanted to cancel my second reservation, but was told that I would lose my $25.00 deposit as I wasn’t canceling 31 days prior to arrival. Little hard to do when the reservations were made 10 days prior to arrival.

    Good sam should pull it’s endorsement of this H— Hole.

  3. Rene, thanks for the video. Have heard so much about the “resort” and thanks for pointing out that it’s not for everyone.


  4. Thanks for posted the multimedia. We are looking for a winter place and had found this place but will think twice now!

    We are in our late 20’s so SoFla in the winter is going to be interesting anyway.

  5. If it were a matter of choice, we would have gladly chosen to go elsewhere … preferably somewhere far far away from the sprawling overgrown strip mall highway that is the Lauderdale area. But “Paradise” had the only availability anywhere near where we needed to be that weekend. If you call availability squeezing in one more rig behind the dumpster.

  6. What do you expect to find when the “park” is listed with spaces 26×45. Don’t knock south Florida because you chose a “bad” park. Next time check out the facility before you check in.


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