Keeping Fit on the Road

WorkoutBands01.jpgOut of everything we have in storage, one of the biggest things I miss is our home gym. We had a lot of workout equipment, which actually got used for workouts and not as clothes hangers. We used to work out at least four mornings a week, running and lifting weights. So when we hit the road and all that went away, it was hard for me to observe any hard-earned muscle tone I had turn soft and pudgy. Now, even though we alternate between running and bicycling, without the gym equipment, gravity takes its toll, fast.

We thought we would be staying in RV parks with gyms, but as it turns out, the typical RVer isn’t so concerned about fitness, and RV parks with anything resembling a weight room are a rarity, mostly found in the West. It didn’t take long for me to start doing the “I’m so fat!” girl thing, but then a few months ago while in New York, I found these resistance bands at a Goodwill. Cost: six bucks. Weight: about a half pound. They ft in a Ziploc. I looked up some resistance band exercises online, and now in combination with crunches and push ups, I have a decent little workout that I can do anywhere, even in the rig if it’s raining and I’m really ambitious.

Which reminds me; if you are considering the RV lifestyle, and you happen to be an obsessive fitness freak like me, keep in mind that you’ll want a rig with enough space to do some kind of workout. A seasoned fulltimer pointed that out to me a year ago; she wouldn’t buy anything that she couldn’t do yoga in. If that kind of thing is important to you, it’s important to check your floor plans carefully when looking to buy.

6 thoughts on “Keeping Fit on the Road”

  1. Rene you should hook up with Richard Simmons and make a work out vidio together! I think you found your true calling. But you need to get some red and white stripe shorts and ditch the cut off sweats I mean come on now.

  2. HAHAHA! “as it turns out, the typical RVer isn’t so concerned about fitness”

    and I just found out that cowboys like beer. Gawd, what a wonderfully diverse world we live in.


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