Floriduh . . . It’s A Given

This is Ken, my brother in law’s Father. Here he is recently in his front yard in Belgium, Wisconsin. Jim and I visited Ken and his wife Arleen, back in August.


We really loved that area of Wisconsin, and we want to go back to check it out as a possibility for permanent relocation, but definitely not anytime soon.

canaveralbeach02.jpgThis is us, on the beach at Port Canaveral, Florida very early Sunday morning (K, not my best picture, but it was early!).

So, where would you rather be right now?

5 thoughts on “Floriduh . . . It’s A Given”

  1. Plaid shorts are the official uniform of Florida residents. All I need now is a golf cart! Though I am getting to putt around in one here at the farm …

  2. i’d rather be where there are FOUR seasons, not just one long hot muggy one! don’t knock the snow till you’ve lived in it. a barnesboro native once told me ‘we need a good cold spell, it kills all the germs’! a snowy day (or night) has a beauty all it’s own.

    to each his own. i’ll take my winters cold!


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