We Missed the Naked Cowboy!

Well, we’ve driven all the way across the country but it doesn’t look like we’re going to see the Naked Cowboy in person. Since we don’t necessarily care to take our truck and trailer through the streets of New York City, we’re just gonna have to pass on the Naked Cowboy’s latest engagement in Times Square.

The Naked Cowboy in Times Square NY

The closest we’ll come will have to be this great picture, taken by my sister and brother in law on their visit to New York City before joining us upstate in Troy for a pre-thanksgiving, three-day food fest.

Perhaps we will come across Robert John Burck on another street corner at some other time. After all, he has even sung his Naked Cowboy song and dance in Japan, New Orleans, Austin, Texas and his home town of Cincinnati, Ohio. This is just fine with me considering we can always just watch the Naked Cowboy live online in real time video anytime. Though I am a bit disappointed that we’re going to miss the Naked Cowgirl!

4 Responses to “We Missed the Naked Cowboy!”

  1. We missed him too! Saw a poster of him! And lots of other equally exciting sights! 4 terrific days!!!

  2. You guys are def better at html than I am.. I could have had Mrs. Rhodester do it, but obviously she won’t come near me unless I put something on.

  3. ya seen one naked cowoy ya seen em all !

  4. When passing through Palm Springs, California, be sure and slow down so as not to miss THE NAKED BLOGGER, aka Rhodester, hard at work on his blog 🙂

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