The christening of our rig.

Our good friend Eric, The Man of Auck, has been thinking of names for our RV. Why? I’m not too sure. But, he has recommended the following names for our new home on wheels – the first six are his – and suggests that we give the rig a moniker suitable of it’s maiden journey … just think of such great names as Titanic and Challenger, oh wait… perhaps it is best we put this to a vote.

[ survey no longer worky worky ]

Each reader can participate in this survey once a day so be sure to check back often and vote for your favorite! If you select “Other” please post a comment and let us know your recommendation.

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  1. Mike and Cindi August 12, 2007 at 12:17 pm Reply

    how about a ‘quote’ or saying that relates to your travels:

    “The journey not the arrival matters.” — T. S. Eliot
    from this site:
    There are lots of quotation links for any philosophy or direction..

    or there’s always ‘Jerry’s Looney Bin’ or ‘3 steps ahead..’


  2. I would reduce the Live Work Dreamer to simply LiveWorkDream or even better Live (but the later only if you want more readers).


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