Terrible’s Terrible Biscuits

Off to breakfast at Terrible’s TownFeeling nostalgic after our trek across Death Valley, we just had to stop at Terrible’s Town which was the only thing in Pahrump 12 years ago. Now the town has sprawled out in a scary way and there is a big Nugget Casino next door.

Hoping to find the clean and quaint Kenny Rogers Café inside, we were overwhelmed with all the additional casino fare which had squeezed the restaurant into a corner of the building, now renamed the Bougainvillea Café & Rotisserie.

I was happy to see the $1.99 breakfast specials included biscuits and gravy but leery to order them, for good reason. I got just what I expected: a pile of beige goop that matched the plate, with a consistency of wallpaper paste. The biscuits appeared to have been made from a box, but I made much better “Bisquick” biscuits myself from Rene’s homemade mix. These were either undercooked or someone sat on them to warm them up.

The two split biscuits were of decent size, but definitely not something to write home about. Yet here I am doing just that, go figure. The gravy was already starting to form a nice film across it by my third bite. There was absolutely no sign of sausage bits, just a lot of tiny black flecks which I certainly hope were pepper flakes.

Since it takes an awful lot for me to actually dislike a meal, I give Terrible’s biscuits a C grade. The staff was friendly and breakfast included a free hot pitcher of decent coffee on the table. And after all, you can’t beat the price of $4.25 for two… as long as you don’t mind a little second hand smoke with your meal.

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  1. Point of Clarification: René makes her own homemade “Bisquick” mix from scratch. I’ve fixed the link above to reflect one such recipe.

  2. Ah the lovely Pahrump… Scene opens with my Wife saying we should get the children mini goats and me finding a goat breeder online in Pahrump… ” Hi I’m Dave from Fallbrook and we live on a Avocado Ranchito here with our 3 kids and thought we might buy some of yer mini goats”…$1100.00 and a days worth of detours after my last show in Vegas we had 3 dead goats and 3 cryin children on our hands…Needless to say I see no need to go back to Pahrump at this point…(For clarification durring this story I chose not to address my children as “Kids”). Try the Chineese food in Winslow AZ it was great in 1986 when we stopped in there on the A-Bama tour… There is also some great milk shake place in Gallup NM if yer headed that way.

  3. I hate to be critical on my first visit to your blog, but Bisquick is corporate. You should be using Jiffy Mix, which is produced by the mom & pop owned Chelsea Milling Company, based in the next town over to where I live in Michigan.


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