Viral Marketing, Full-timer Style

The coziness of campgrounds like this definitely has its pros and cons…

Awoke this morning to hear our neighboring campers reading the graphics on the side of our rig that advertise our blog sites. They sounded interested in where we will create free WordPress blogs at subdomains (i.e.; for people to easily write about their travels and keep in touch with friends and family while on the road. We are still in the early development stage of this venture, with the hope of launching later this summer. The idea will be to syndicate our Google Adsense campaigns through these free sites, and/or charge nominal fees for enhanced services.

Went for a walk a bit later with Jerry and another camper mentioned he knew someone with a three legged dog they re-named Tripod. We couldn’t pass that opportunity to hand off one of Jerry’s cards with information about – his site full of information and resources about canine cancer and caring for a three-legged dog.

Stay tuned for more details about our free travel blog service or look into setting up your own blog with WordPress or through an affordable website hosting provider. You can then set up your own Adsense account through Google to help supplement your income. And be sure to check out Jerry’s three legged dog blog to see movies of him swimming at Lake Francis.

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