Are We Having Fun Yet?

While camped out at kid-centric Lake Francis Resort in Dobbins, CA, riding out the busy Father’s Day weekend, our fridge crapped out. Brand spankin’ new. One would think that when you pay good money for something . . .

Jim’s been on the phone all day with Norcold Manufacturing I’ve been dealing with our extended warranty people. Looks like we may need to take it to the nearest dealer in Yuba City, back down the mountain. Yuba City? It’s soooooo hot there.

Dad, an experienced RVer, says don’t panic, it’s par for the course and the first of many mechanical challenges. Thanks Dad, I felt better after hearing that. But still, we keep asking . . .

Will this journey EVER begin?

5 thoughts on “Are We Having Fun Yet?”

  1. Gee whiz your parents must be so proud of you! With selling you home and buisness and now being homeless. I hear you can get alot of good crusts from the dumpsters behind the pizza places. Goodluck and I hope the tip helps some


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