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Most Recent Photos

Just a few of the latest pictures from our travels.

More Random Shots

A small sampling of totally random pictures from all our photo galleries

Playing the Tourist

Parks, monuments, museums, roadside attractions, and local events.

Signs of the Times

Fun and funky signs that caught our eye.

Cool Campers

Classic RVs, unique rigs, and other interesting vehicles.

Town Mascots

Giant animals and other cool statues.

Funky Art Scenes

Artistic creations of our own and from around the Country.

Flora and Fauna

Plants, animals and the great outdoors of America.

Bizarre Stuff

Just plain weird scenes.

Kooky Characters

Friends we’ve made and other interesting folks.

Scary Americana

God, war, rednecks, NASCAR, etc.

Good Eats

Memorable restaurants and food plates.

Workamping Our Way

Scenes from our workamper jobs.

Roadkill Cafe

Dead stuff and other roadside fare.