Stoned and Gouged in Northern California

We’re back in Northern California in our old stomping grounds of Humboldt County, and slowly working our way to Sunny So Cal which really isn’t a bad place to spend winter.

We see lots of friends and family, the weather’s great, there’s plenty of free boondocking in the desert and even the winter farmer’s markets are full of mouth-watering delicacies.

Of course there’s always a catch, right?

This is not a joke. That was the price of gas and fuel just over a week ago at Furnace Creek, in Death Valley.

I guess we should be thankful that the prices were so high there, since it prepared us for the outright price gouging in Humboldt County, located on the extreme northernmost California coast. We paid $3.97 a gallon yesterday, which seemed like a bargain!

No wonder everyone here is always stoned. Between the dismal weather, sluggish economy and the fuel price ripoffs it’s just easier that way.


5 thoughts on “Stoned and Gouged in Northern California”

  1. Rene-

    Hi! I’m glad I found your blog- its full of useful information!

    I can’t believe the price of gas is so high (no pun intended!!!) over there!

    I thought we were being bullied when we paid 2.79 in Kentucky?!

    • Sharee it’s so nice to meet you! Thanks for commenting, I look forward to following your road tripping (and hopefully non-gas-gouging adventures!). Enjoy the cheap fuel!

  2. Man, we are seeing Regular at $2.99 around here, and Diesel for $3.63. I just filled up the bus so I can see what the mileage will be. It looks like I get about 7 mpg around town. Curious to see what I get when I drive to Indiana for the holidays. I’m told this bus can get close to 11 mpg.

    • Yep, diesel was around that price when we were in Colorado. In the past, the price gouging has been worse here in NorCal but it’s still painful!

      11 mpg? Or is that GPM?


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