Cathedral of Junk or Pile O’ Crap?

Cathedral of Junk DetailPerhaps you can help us settle a little debate here in the LiveWorkDreamer.

After traveling for nine months across the entire United States, René believes the most amazing thing we have seen was the Cathedral of Junk in Austin, Texas.

I on the other hand, tend to agree with our friends Randy and Sonja – who René dragged to see this obscurity, in the rain, after they flew all the way from San Francisco to visit us – that it isn’t much more than a big pile of crap!

Granted, there is a certain “art” to seeing art in discarded or recycled items. But to spend over twenty years wiring pieces of refuse together in your backyard, and inviting perfect strangers to crawl over, through and around it? Come on … that borders insanity. But then, I suppose some of the greatest artists of our time were at least a little insane.

Cthedral of Junk Photographer Self PortraitPersonally, I think our Okefenokee adventure was a bit more amazing. OK, much more amazing. The Badlands, Wall Drug, West Point, the Mississippi headwaters, Niagara Falls, Mt. Rushmore, Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah … all of these things were amazing. The Cathedral of Junk? That ranks somewhere around nifty in my book.

Yes, the Cathedral du Junque was cool. But I wouldn’t exactly call it most amazing. Would you?

Many thanks to Ms. Davenport for her wonderful photography. At least the photos make it seem like art.

15 thoughts on “Cathedral of Junk or Pile O’ Crap?”

  1. Oh come on guys, it was so cool! This man is a visionary. I wish I had the same kind of creativity, to be able to envision a piece of art out of a bunch of things that were just going to end up in the landfill. This was beyond the typical “junk art,” in that it was functional. You could literally walk up into the towers, sit, contemplate, have a cocktail, whatever. There’s so much to look at, it can occupy you for hours!

  2. Wow. Well, I have to agree, it is quite an amazing…thing. Amazingly horrendous. That anyone, in their right mind or not, would want to look at this monstrosity in their backyard, or anywhere else, is what I find amazing. I couldn’t even look at all the pictures. Thanks for pointing out a place that I will NEVER need to see!

  3. Runny is right “Cathedral of Junk or Pile O’ Crap” is by far and away the greatest thing you have seen in your whole life and the Spoon of the “e” and the “g” says so! So step off Jimmy!


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