A Dog Lover’s Live Work Dream: New York Boarding Kennel for Sale

A while back, we were dreaming about what kind of business we would operate next, and came across an ad for this nifty dog kennel business for sale, just north of the Saugerties / Woodstock area in New York. Recently, we stopped by to check it out. The owners were kind enough to give us a tour. But as much as we’d love to stop everything and start working with dogs full time, we kept our promise to hold off on decisions for the next few months. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in a great home based business in a rural area, check it out:

9 Responses to “A Dog Lover’s Live Work Dream: New York Boarding Kennel for Sale”

  1. I would love to own a business like this We just need somone to finance it, I reall dont have enough equity in my house because of the market in the North east.

  2. Great opportunity for anyone who loves dogs and caring for them. Obviously when your caring for animals you will be dealing with a lot of poop and bad smells, but if your into this line of work then that shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. Every job has its ups and downs, if you love dogs then I’m sure you wont mind cleaning up poop if you truly love this kind of animal.

  4. I agree , though I’m a dog lover myself , I can never see myself handling an entire kennel of them, Two dogs at a time is probably the most I can take care of. And yeah the hardest part is cleaning after them. And I don’t think I can properly take care of them and give them all the affection and attention that they need.

    But for those who run a kennel business you have my support and admiration

  5. Running a kennel is a tough business… I know some pet lovers in your area and will e-mail your post.

  6. Working with dogs is a lot of fun, despite having to clean after them. Dogs are man’s best friend, they should be well cared for.

  7. Oh! How lovely. Just wish we were younger. Cleaning out the kennels? No problem. Scoop and hose. Done. Room for some gardening. Maybe some herb gardening. Nice.

  8. that “panza” is vaguely familiar !!

  9. I love dogs, but not enough to clean out multiple kennels several times a day – or is that what high school students on their first jobs are for?

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