Donde Esta La Familia?

Families that Go RVingIn just our first few months on the road as full-timers, we’ve met tons of great, fun people. Now that school’s back in session, we’re meeting more fulltime RVers, most of them retired. One thing I’ve noticed is, there hasn’t been a person of color in the whole bunch (I’m assuming this of course, based on outward appearances, however right or wrong that may be). But as a brown skinned person, this kind of observation is just something that one tends to notice throughout life. Please; I’m not saying it has any sort of impact on what I think of people or places, or whatever.

But I find myself wondering; why aren’t people of color getting in on the full-time RV lifestyle?

I’m not talking about families on camping trips. I’ve seen plenty of people from all backgrounds camping out. A hotly debated discussion about this was recently on

I have my theories about this; ethnic families tend be large and tight knit (like mine, pictured above). Maybe ethnic people are reluctant to be away from them for a long time? After all, we might miss out on some good chisme. Or maybe they haven’t had enough great camping experiences? Who knows, but I think I see a marketplace there. Hmmmm . . .

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  1. We have a reasonably nice 5th wheel that we full-time in. I’ve seen some people of color in motorhomes that made mine look like it came from the city dump.

    I think it’s a matter of choice. Many peple can’t handle the insecurity of not having a home base. Home for us is where we park it, and we always make plenty of time to spend with the kids and grandkids.


  2. Forget the economics, Latinos enjoy the good life, the thought going through their minds is “why should I put up with all the discomfort when I have a nice place where to spend my days.” “A hotel will do nicely and a flight will take me where I want to go in a hurry”

    Happy traveling

  3. Yeah, I can definitely see that about economics, but we’re not all eating beans and rice every night. There’s definitely gotta be some money out there, right?

  4. I’m guessing the reason there aren’t more non-caucasians on the full-time RV circuit is due to economics. America might be the land of opportunity, folks in the minority color-wise also tend (most unfortunately) to be marginalized economically as well. They can’t afford an RV or even to retire.

  5. Rene?
    Why don’t you respond to my blog replies? Am I doing this wrong? I hit “submit comment” last time, yet still no reply from you?
    OK – I have a question – when was this picture taken of you and your family? The reason I ask is because your boobs look bigger in this picture. Have you had a boob-job since the last time we saw you or are you just wearing one of those liquid filled miracle bras in order to compete with your sisters? I have one of those bras, but I only wear it when we go out someplace scanky – like in Key West….
    Hopefully this inquiry will spark a response from you. I still miss you.
    Randy and I are going to Olema tomorow and Bodega Bay on Sunday (a little 2-day get away). I’ve never been to either place, so it should be fun, although the weather has turned foggy and ugly today. ick – no indian summer I guess.


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