Plan Early, Stay Focused and Tell Everyone About Your Road Trip Sabbatical

Early Retireee Plans RV Road Trip with MotorcycleSince launching our blog, we continue to find individuals who also want to hit the road and travel. Some, like Sara and Matt, are doing it in a truly eco-groovy way, by treading lightly across America in a veggie oil powered RV. And the couple that inspired us, Phil and Carol White, continue to live their Road Trip Dream across America, while sharing the benefits of travel with others at conferences and events. Our Blog Roll, over on your right, has links to theirs and other RV travelers websites.

Recently, Rudy and Irene Tenorio of Atlanta, GA, contacted us, asking more details about our trip. This adventurous couple wants to take early retirement, starting in December, 2010. Because they’re smart and starting to plan now, and contacting others who are doing it, they’ll definitely be on the road to making it happen in ’10.

“We both have one dream which is to stop working in December 2010 and travel 50 percent of the time. Reading your experiences make me almost taste my own future.

It was funny that Rudy found us. Both he and Irene are also into motorcycles, like Jim and I. But unlike us, these two have done extensive traveling through many countries. For them, life in an RV will be a breeze compared to the places they’ve been to on two wheels!

I told Rudy that Even though 2010 sounds like a long time away, it’s really not. It took Jim and I about two years to go from talking about doing this trip, to making it happen. The best advice I can give to anyone who wants to do this, is to plan very early, stay focused, and tell as many people as you can. By doing this, you’ll make it a reality.

Good luck Rudy and Irene!

4 thoughts on “Plan Early, Stay Focused and Tell Everyone About Your Road Trip Sabbatical”

  1. Jim, Rene and also you Elena are a great inspiration. We are looking forward to our new life. I still can’t bring myself to call it retirement because it sounds so final. I rather call it the next chapter.

    Keep writing so I can keep reading and learning and being inspired.
    Jim and Rene remember Suches,GA

  2. Sara, you and Elena are too cool NOT to mention! And likewise, I feel like we’re friends too! Hope we can hook up when you hit New England. Looks like we’ll be there in Sept. / October.

  3. Hey! We made the blog 🙂 Weeeee! Thanks for the mention. I’m always excited when I see you’ve posted something…even though we’ve never met face to face, I feel like we’re friends. Awwwww….so sappy. I’m certain our paths will cross someday on the road!

  4. Rudy and Irene, DO IT!! We have been retired and RVing for 4 years. We love the live style. You meet really neat people. You can’t do it later when you have to spend most of your time at medical appointments. We will settle down later, but for now no way.

    We had a chance to campground host in Brookings, Oregon, right on the beach. You work 2 or 3 days a week, get your space free and also your cable and a small salary. Where else can you live on the ocean and get paid. My husband was having eye surgery so we couldn’t commit. We did ask to be put on the waiing list for next summer.

    We have never regreted taking the early retirement especially when I see other people going to work 40 hours plus a week and we get up and go to bed when we want.


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