The Full-Timer’s Uniform

Full-TimerThis one’s for the Carson Park Ranger.

This funny friend of mine has a hilarious routine about old full-time RVing couples, one of which we encountered at a wayside near Gaylord, MI. Where I came from they’re called rest stops, but that’s not the point.

As we rested at this wayside stop, we spotted a man and woman identical to those in the Ranger’s shtick.

You see, the old man’s gotta have overalls and a feed cap – the full-timer’s uniform. Personally, I prefer the shorts and tank top that have become my uniform of choice.

The only thing missing from this picture was a yapping little dog, but from the sounds of things it was back in the trailer.

3 thoughts on “The Full-Timer’s Uniform”

  1. Ranger Mike & Ranger Cindi,

    Huh, not sure what gives a reader that impression, because really it’s about 50/50. In fact, we’re in a state forest right now in Michigan. No hookups, but that’s OK, it’s why we invested in solar and the super quiet generator.

    I’ve been tracking who we’re paying rent to, and so far we’ve spent just over $1400 at private parks, and $640 in public ones, for about an equal number of nights. We do usually stay away from state parks, because they tend to be almost as expensive as private ones, and with fewer amenities. Did you know that in WI and MN the state parks charge an extra $10 a day if you’re from out of state? Unreal! Gotta give CA State Parks bonus points for not ripping off tourists that way. So we look for Nat. Forest, State Forest, or City Parks.

    We do stay at private c.g.s more often during hotter weather. Can’t run the AC while boondocking in the woods. Usually we’ll boondock for 3 to 5 nights, then spend the big bucks at a private c.g. to do laundry, vaccuum, use the AC, etc.

    One thing I’ve found is that there are some great “city parks” in the midwest, with full amenities, usually for slightly less than private ones. They’re a great buy. Eureka could sure use one, they look like moneymakers for cities.

  2. Hi guys, I’m curious as to your o/n location camping choices..I read that you seem to stop mostly in commercial RV parks and wonder why not public (National, State or County -maybe city for the Carson guy!) parks more often? If you desire hookups and/or other amenities, I can understand..just curious..sounds like all is well and fun with you all…hey to Jerry!

    Mike, ret-Ca StPkRngr


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