We’re Outta There!


Petaluma, CA

Petaluma, CA
After a long time of waiting and creating positive thoughts to make our dream a reality, we did it. We moved out of our “stick home” and into the RV last Saturday. We got all misty-eyed saying goodbye to our Eureka friends, who came to our “Trailer Warming” party on Saturday.

Now, it’s Week One, and we are camped out in Petaluma, CA, at our brother-in-law’s homestead, where our other BIL, owner of O’Connell Solar, is getting ready to install a kick-butt solar system for the RV. With this killer system, we’ll be boondockin’ all over the outback of the U.S.A. But you’ll still be able to find us thanks to our MotoSAT Internet setup.

6 Responses to “We’re Outta There!”

  1. I see Jerry Dog there on the new patio 😉

    Can’t believe you guys did it!

    Scout can’t wait to meet his Uncle Jerry.


  2. Don’t hate me, because I’m flaky! I woke up Sunday and thought, “Oh poop! I missed the farewell for Rene, Jim and Jerry!” Being off for the summer kinda makes me forget what day it is and that I may still have an obligation or 2. Dang. Looks like you’re off to a good start. I’ll miss you guys, and my beasts will miss Jerry too. We’ll be sure to go by the old homestead and leave a pee-mail!




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